About Sherri

I grew up in Grey County, on the back roads near Maxwell Ontario. I spent my summers with my friends who lived on farms, haying, riding horses, mucking stalls, and playing in the ancient cedar forest along the Saugeen River.


I attended school at Osprey Central, and Grey Highlands S.S. in Flesherton. I have a deep respect and love for this beautiful land and the people who care for it. My parents still live in the same house, near Wareham, which was built by the Irish family in 1851. And I still love walking in that cedar forest.

Like many young people, I moved away from home, and lived across Ontario and abroad. I’ve lived in places like Saudi Arabia, which gives me a unique perspective on human rights issues, and a deep appreciation for the freedoms, privileges and natural resources we have as Canadians. I have travelled to many countries, and am always inspired by how similar human beings are, no matter where I go.

When it came time to raise a family, I returned back to this area. I believe that family and strong relationships make happy lives, and build happy communities.

For the past 11 years, I’ve lived near Creemore, with my husband of 27 years, and my two teenage sons. I am an entrepreneur, and have run my own businesses since 1996. In 2009, I founded and operated a Montessori elementary school where I encouraged children to be compassionate, responsible, tolerant and peaceful stewards of the earth. These principles, and those remarkable students, have shaped my vision of what is possible.


Last year I handed the reins over to my sister, and now I am a writer and freelance editor,  and musician with the band String Theory. And, the Green Party Federal Candidate for Simcoe-Grey.

I was a freelance editor for some of Canada’s top legal publishers for 22 years. I can honestly say I have read most of the laws and defining judicial cases of our country. I have an Honours B.A. in Humanities, specializing in English, from McMaster University. I am a strong advocate of the arts and music. I believe they are fundamental elements for our well-being as a society. I have experience in many different industries, including publishing, law, municipal government, media services, finance, manufacturing and education.

I appreciate the complex challenges facing small businesses in Canada. I support small businesses as the foundational drivers of the Canadian economy. I have deep respect for farmers, and those who commit themselves to work that often goes underappreciated.


I believe we have gotten many things backward, and it’s time to re-prioritize our values. What really matters? What is important? What do we want for our lives, and our children’s lives? What do we want for our planet?

I know that working together is key to making things better for ourselves, our communities, our economy and our environment. I joined the Green Party because it aligns with how I envision a brighter future for Canada. I believe the time is now for us to return to values that promote our togetherness instead of pushing us to division.


Throughout history, this region has been built by relationships with one another: neighbours, farmers, families, and friends all working together for the benefit of all. Appreciation. Respect. Cooperation. Integrity. This is what has built this nation. We have forgotten what made us great.

I recognize the importance of building for the future, but not at the expense of it. And, I also believe that a sustainable, just economy is a tremendous opportunity for the future. I am committed to a healthy environment, and I believe that clean water, air and soil are fundamental human rights. I believe our path must take into account the dreams we have for our children and grandchildren.


We must look to Indigenous wisdom, and the commitment to honouring seven generations past, and seven generations in the future for our decision-making. I want to establish a solid foundation to build a greener, stronger, more hopeful future for every Canadian.


We are on the precipice of tremendous progress - and as a nation, we must decide if we are going to lead, or follow. I’m ready to help shape change.


And I welcome you to join me on this journey.

Sherri Jackson

(Green Party Candidate for Simcoe—Grey)

Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

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